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As many of you know, I spend a lot of time with my grandson over the past two years. I always tell him that I want him to know better, so that he can do better and be better. He has come a long way since I began, but we still have miles to go. Recently, I told him that is my mission to see to it that he has great success in life; therefore, we spend about 10 minutes each day listening to some of the greatest motivational presenters of our time as well as tidbits of wisdom from current celebrities and other successful people.

Our current topic is success habits, those traits that tend to lend themselves to ones overall success. One of those traits is to be open to learning from various sources of information. I like the way that Charlott Hoather, an opera performer, stated it in her blog, “As with everything in life when faced with something that is new to us it is important to draw on the experience from those around us, from Parents, Teachers, Coaches, and our peers. But sometimes inspiration (information) can come from the most unexpected places.”

Remember that there are two versions of success, there are the little successes that lead up to greater success. And there is the ultimate success of fame and fortune or recognition among peers.

So from traditional motivators, athletes, and movie stars, You Tube gurus and even Oprah, here are some success habits that are worth developing.

Long term thinking, successful people tend to think in the long term. They use goal setting and long term planning to develop a road map to their ultimate success. They also use long term thinking when problem solving, they look for the solution that will have the greatest overall impact.

Preparation and planning ahead, they prep for the upcoming day and week in advance, they have a plan and a back up plan. They keep things simple.

Routine, many successful people credit their routine as part of their success. Routines are daily habits that range from writing 1000 words a day to practicing stand up comedy daily. Most successful people have a routine.

A routine can be simple like the order in which you do things in the morning or elaborate night time rituals that include yoga and meditation. Routines allow you to accomplish the most with the least amount of thought because routines become part of your character almost as natural as breathing.

Progress is the key, most successful people understand that continuing progress is the ultimate driver, with goals in place and consistent progressive action, success is almost inevitable.

Positive outlook, many successful people have a positive outlook on life and their ability to accomplish their dreams. Kevin Hart said that “his success took him almost 20 years to achieve.” With out a positive outlook, he would have never made it.

Hard work, almost all successful people say that you have to put in the work. After all, out success is directly proportionate to the amount of effort we put in.

Stephen Coven in his book the 7 habits of highly effective people lists these traits common among effective, (or successful) people. They are:

Proactive, they take responsibility for the own success.

Visionary, they envision the success that they are working toward

Prioritization, they take care of the most important things first and all else later

a lot of successful people use a 1,2,3 prioritization strategy, they review all that needs to be accomplished and work on the most important 3 in priority order.

Cooperative, they understand that there is enough success for all to enjoy, so they will often collaborate to achieve a particular goal.

Communication, most successful people know that it is necessary to understand before you attempt to be understood.

Development, they work on continued self development either honing their craft or expanding their minds. Steven Covey said “that all great advances in science came from people who dared to think differently.”

There are also character traits that go along with these practices, they include, integrity, courage, compassion, responsibility and reliability.

I hope that these tips can help you achieve much success in life.


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